Personal Information

Steve Gibbs, 49, married to Susan in 1986, 2 kids -- Kristi 30, Adam -- 26

Height 6' 1", 210 lbs, formerly brown hair, brown eyes, scars above left eye, right forearm, appendix, left knee, right shin.

I was born and raised in Ridgway, Pennsylvania, a small town in the Alleghenies. My father, Harry, was a WWII navy veteran, and my mother, Beulah, was my mother. I spent my childhood working for my own expendable income. Through my pre- and early teens, I picked up popcorn boxes at the local theater in exchange for pocket money and free movies. I pumped gas for Clarence down at the Mobile Station in exchange for candy, soda pop, and free gas. In the fall I raked leaves, in the winter I shoveled snow, in the spring I mowed lawns, and in the summer I picked and sold blueberries and blackberries and worked at the high school cleaning windows.


After high school I worked for two years before beginning college. I worked at a leather shoe factory for a year. I worked on a highway crew. I worked in a powdered metals factory.

During college at Penn State I was chosen by the journalism staff to be the editor of the campus newspaper during my sophomore year. I didn't get paid for that, but I like to mention it. I am still a journalist and teach journalism today because of that original experience. For spending money I worked part-time at UPS loading trucks. I worked one summer as a hotel-motel manager at the Roosevelt Hotel & Sandy Shores in Wildwood, New Jersey. I worked one summer as a Christmas tree trimmer. I worked my third summer as a roughneck in the Oklahoma oil fields.

  The remainder of my adult professional work life is documented in my resumé.  
  I am married to Susan and have a daughter, Kristi, and a son, Adam. Kristi is married. Adam is in Ireland working on a dude ranch. My wife and I both left AT&T at the same time and both became teachers.  

I enjoy backpacking, river rafting, writing, and taking unexpected road trips. I have navigated my own raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. I have hiked at least 1,000 miles of California wilderness. I'm also fascinated by computers and was online back when the Internet was a loose collection of BBS phone numbers around the country and everything was text.

I hope to one day retire to my cabin in Tahoe and teach online from the comfort of my back deck. Until then, the work goes on.

Thank you for taking the time to read my biography.